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Our independence is your peace of mind

As trusted bond brokers, our real value lies in our independence

You will be only too aware of the countless bond products available in the marketplace today. The banks are all vying for your attention, offering a sometimes confusing array of options from the fixed to flexible, variable, discounted to daily interest! More often than not, these products all appear to have attractive elements, but which is right for you?

Independent financial advice has long been recognised as the superior choice for anyone who needs help choosing the right investments, pension or life assurance. And yet somehow the importance of truly independent bond advice seems to have been overlooked? This is despite the fact that your bond is almost certainly going to be the biggest personal financial commitment – and the most costly – that you will make in your lifetime!

At Excel Finance, not only do we have access to the entire market, we also have the expertise to ensure that you take out the bond that provides the best option for your circumstances and objectives.


Investor Services

Our expertise in the mortgage/bond market extends beyond helping those looking to buy or remortgage their own home. At Excel Finance we also provide dedicated investor services.

Residential property investment - or buy-to-let as it has become more commonly known – has become an increasingly popular as an alternative means of investing, but being a successful landlord does require careful planning.

Your choice of investment bond can affect whether or not your property investment meets its objectives and particularly in a climate of rising interest rates, our expert advice can pay for itself in no time.

Whether it’s a first time buy-to-let purchase or the remortgage of an established property portfolio, our specialist investor team can give you impartial advice and help you structure the right finance for your investment.

Commercial Mortgages

As both a leading provider of Corporate services and with significant influence with the big bond lenders through our extensive network of independent bond brokers, we are ideally placed to source for you attractive commercial bonds.

Short Term Financing

Excel Finance are not tied to any financial institution, which means we provide totally impartial, independent advice. We specialize in providing short term financing up to R1 000 000 at very competitive interest rates.

What is Short Term Financing?
Short term financing is essentially to provide capital deficit businesses funds for a short term period of a year or less.

What is short term financing for?

These funds are usually for businesses to run their day-to-day operations including payment of wages to employees, inventory ordering and supplies

An example of short tern financing could be when a firm places an order for raw materials, it pays with finance and anticipates to recoup this finance by selling these goods over the period of a year.

Difference between Short term and Long Term financing

In contrast long-term financing decisions are involved when a firm purchases a special machine that will reduce operating costs over, say, the next five years.

Following from the earlier explanation that short term borrowing should be used for working capital requirements for day to day operations of a business. Industries with seasonal peaks and troughs and those engaged in international trade will be heavy users of short term borrowing finance.

Short Term Financing and Lenders

Lenders favor businesses that exhibit strong management, steady growth potential and reliable projected cash flow (demonstrating the business ability to pay the monthly interest payments on this line of credit from its projected.

However Lenders normally charge a higher base rate of interest for operating loans reflecting this relatively weaker security position

Example of Short Term financing sources

There are many methods for which a firm can seek short terms financing some of these include:
  Overdrafts
  Short-term loans
  Bills of exchange
  Promissory notes/commercial paper
  Inventory loan
  Letters of credit
  Factoring

Bridging Finance

Excel Finance works closely with solicitors to structure bridging finance agreemnents. We specialize in providing bridging finance up to R1 000 000 at very competitive interest rates.

What is bridging finance?

You've sold your house.  the bank will only pay you when the property is registered in the new owner's name.  You need capital as deposit on your new home or an amount to cover your transfer fees.  We'll arrange bridging finance for this while you wait for the property to be registered.

Qualifying criteria for bridging finance must be met!

Bridging Finance Criteria

-  Property related transactions only
-  Guarantee from financier required
-  Suspensive conditions have been met

Bridging Finance Rates

-  Interest rate for 1st month from 1.2% to 5% depending on circumstances
-  Additional R1.60/R1000 per day from 2nd month