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IT Assurance

Many fast growing companies are poorly supported by their IT infrastructure. Systems simply "grow" in an ad-hoc fashion as software and hardware are added to deal with day-to-day requirements, while the management team addresses more pressing issues. While such businesses might have ambitious plans, their IT systems may not be robust or scalable enough to support their future growth. Indeed, the systems may already represent an unacceptable level of risk if management is to rely on IT to deliver a critical support service to the business.

To address these issues, Excel IT has developed IT Assurance, specifically for growing businesses. Our risk assessment is designed to analyse every facet of your IT systems. Everything in the IT portfolio which could pose a risk to your business - from computer hardware and software, to reliance on key people or external suppliers, interruptions or interference caused by inadequate security, and legal issues.

While the risk assessment will identify immediate risks, the primary objective is to ensure that your IT systems are able to support your growth plans.

The Excel IT team is dedicated to providing practical advice on all aspects of IT. While capable of tackling technical and people issues, we also understand the commercial realities and pressures affecting the use of IT in the businesses we advise.

We use the SPARK checklist to analyse your IT systems.

This takes into account scalability:

  • Will your systems expand as your company grows?
  • Are they robust and secure?

It also examines people:

  • Do you have the right internal and external human resources in place?
  • Are you overly dependent on them?

Your IT architecture:

  • Is the system based on open, standard technologies?
  • Can it be integrated with other systems, to avoid having data islands?

We evaluate your risk - have the risks associated with each system and project been analysed and planned for?

We examine the deliverables of your IT - Knowledge. Are your systems giving you the information you need to grow your business effectively?

As independent advisers, we are not aligned with any system supplier or computer company and so are able to provide an unbiased, impartial and expert perspective. When our recommendations are implemented, your IT systems will be functioning at an optimal level and options and risks associated with future expansion will be known, allowing your business to grow at a pace which you dictate.


As an independent supplier of IT hardware, we are able to source you IT hardware needs from local and international suppliers through our extensive network base. Whether it is desktops, laptops or printers, we are able to source all our products from reliable suppliers at a cost effective price.

IT and communications decisions have a big impact for any business. With years of experience in this area, Excel IT has created a range of IT services specifically for the small and medium-sized business. Let Excel IT sort your IT, whilst you run your business.

Web Design & Development

We specialise in:

  • Website design
  • Web development and bespoke applications
  • E-commerce development
  • Search engine optimisation and online marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Multi-media production

In conjunction with Blue Sun Technologies, our team of designers, developers, online marketers, technicians and programmers have helped businesses of all sizes to succeed online.