Our Services

Excel Tax & Accounting offers a full range of accounting, auditing and business advisory services.  Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and each has varying needs for the expertise we offer.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to really get to know our clients and their businesses. Because understanding what makes you tick ensures we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Client Accounting
Company Secretarial Services
Cutting Edge Services
Wills, Estates and Trusts

Client Accounting

If you've been in business for any time at all, you will have realised the critical success factor: keeping tabs on the cash flow. And yet this activity requires a host of administrative and repetitive tasks that divert your focus and are time consuming.

Why not outsource this routine but essential function? It will be handled with expertise, care and reliability by your Excel Tax & Accounting adviser. We undertake all forms of accounting and record keeping, and you can be rest assured that your records will be maintained accurately and timeously.

Excel Tax & Accounting’s reputation for quality and integrity lends credibility and reliability to our client's financial information.

Services include:

  • Monthly management accounts
  • Annual financial statements
  • Processing of accounting records
  • Payroll processing
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Budgets


Our approach to any audit engagement ensures that our clients benefit from a multi-disciplinary focus which delivers more than just the traditional statutory audit and financial statements.

We understand that you have to manage the Audit process while fending off the daily pressures of your business and resolving issues that sometimes seem much more urgent.   Because we take the time to understand the nature of your business and the challenges it might face, we are able to identify solutions and to make a real contribution to profitability and efficiency.

Our client base represents a wide range of industries and our audit staff are able to apply skills and specialisations which benefit the business as a whole.

Whether the audit is a legislative requirement or for a special purpose commissioned by the client, we are committed to a high level of service and expertise

Company Secretarial Services

When starting a new business, there are a myriad of statutory formalities to be observed which have to be reviewed at least once a year. Non-compliance can have costly consequences but not everyone has the full knowledge of all the changing legislation - or the time to keep up with it.

Through our company secretarial service offering, we can ensure that you comply with all legislated requirements. We take care of all the statutory details, including directors, share and other registers, minute books, attendance registers, annual returns, documents of constitution, changes to shareholdings and other membership interests, etc. We assist you to register for PAYE, UIF, Workmen's Compensation, Skills Development Levies as well as other certificates and licenses which may be necessary to legally carry on your business.

We are also in the best position to advise you on the most appropriate vehicle through which to conduct business - be it a company, close corporation, partnership, trust or sole trader. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these depending on individual needs and aspirations. An incorrect choice can have unforeseen and expensive consequences.

Services include:

  • Formation and registration of companies and corporations
  • Conversions of companies and corporations
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Amendments to and registration of statutory details
  • Registered Office Facility
  • Voluntary liquidations
  • Registration of taxes and levies


Our tax services team is equipped to deal with business and personal tax planning, as well as shareholder and owner issues and employment solutions.

We have specialist partners who lead a team committed to ensuring you receive the most up-to-date information relating to your tax needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the issues in a fast-paced business and tax environment. Whether you are a business or an individual, our teams give practical and direct advice, delivering solutions which suit your needs.

Specialist taxation areas

We have a Private Client and VAT teams providing you with the detailed insight you need to make effective taxation decisions.

We offer qualified, responsible consultants with experience in all areas of tax and with broad knowledge of the South African Revenue Services (SARS). Dedicated support staff ensure your tax affairs are handled promptly and efficiently.

The Key to Unlocking Service Expertise

You can expect to have knowledgable and appropriate services delivered to your business in these areas: 

  • Business tax planning
  • International tax planning: tax-efficient cross-border structures and transactions
  • Property tax planning: structuring commercial property transactions
  • Transfer Duty
  • Regional Services Council (RSC)
  • Skills Development Levies (SDL)
  • Customs and excise duties
  • Corporate tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Employee's tax (PAYE)
  • Capital Gains tax (CGT)
  • Donations tax
  • Personal tax planning
  • Personal investment planning: taking both a tax and Investment Management view
  • Tax planning for private clients: a tax strategy for your assets
  • Income tax
  • Estate duty
  • Residence Based Tax (RBT)

Cutting Edge Services

Areas of particular interest in which Excel Tax & Accounting people have made it their business to stay at the cutting edge include:

  • Business valuations
  • VAT
  • Employee share incentives
  • Employee benefits planning
  • Shareholder and owner issues
  • Exit planning: minimising tax on selling a business
  • Extraction of profits: maximising post-tax returns on extraction of funds

Wills, Estates and Trusts

Estate planning, along with tax planning, is an essential part of personal financial planning. Changing personal circumstances as well as a changing legislative and financial environment make it imperative for everyone to look carefully at the way their affairs are ordered.

Estate planning is complex. Overlooking or neglecting any aspect thereof can create problems in the future. To prevent this, Excel Wealth Management has its own experts who ensure that estate plans comply with all legal and personal requirements.

At the end of the line, some questions you should ask yourself:

  • How and when should I retire?
  • How can I protect my family financially in the future?
  • What are the financial implications if I or any of my family emigrate?
  • As a family business, how can I provide for those actively involved as well as those who are not?
  • How can I prevent a divorce from becoming a disaster?

Wills - piecing it all together

Is your will up-to-date, reflecting your current circumstances and future intentions? Our specialised staff can review your existing will, deeds of trust and other agreements to ensure that they are fully in accordance with your wishes and, if necessary, effect any changes or arrange for new documents to be drawn up. At Excel Wealth Management, we tailor your planning to fit your unique needs, stressing the features most important to you and including the full spectrum of possibilities - providing for your spouse or partner, protecting children, maintenance of minors and dependents, and taking care of elderly or disabled relatives.

Of course we also make it our business to ensure the tax efficiency of these plans and optimise estate duty savings, within the context of your own circumstances, priorities and preferences.