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A culture you can respect

We are clear about what we believe in and it is people who are at the very heart of our business. Everyone is encouraged to adopt the same straightforward approach in looking after our clients:

  • Straight talking, fair and ethical
  • Down-to-earth and genuine
  • Open, clear communication
  • Responsive, ‘can do’ and quick to act
  • Build long-term relationships

Expertise you can count on

Knowledge is the key to making the right financial choices. And if you are looking for one reason above all others to choose Excel Wealth Management as your independent financial service provider, we believe that the quality of our in-house research and experience helps to set us apart.

Quite rightly, you might expect that all financial advisers would do their homework to assess the different options available to their clients. However, few have the resource and in-house expertise, which we have available for the benefit of our clients. In fact, Excel Wealth Management was founded on the principle that in-depth analysis and monitoring of different financial products was of fundamental importance. Today, we are highly regarded within the financial services sector for our diligent approach to research and fund managers can expect to be well and truly put through their paces before we will consider recommending their funds to our clients.

We don’t necessarily follow the latest ‘trends’ preferring instead to back experience and common sense! We do use the latest in market tracking systems and information technology but it is the people who work in our research team who make sense of it all and who take a personal pride in getting it right for you.

It is our responsibility to make sure that you have the right financial products to help achieve your goals – a responsibility that we don’t take lightly.

A full range of services

We help clients of all ages and backgrounds to identify the most appropriate financial solutions at different stages in their lives.

What you might not expect from a firm the size of Excel Wealth Management is that the service we provide is tailored to your needs and delivered with the personal approach you would expect from a much smaller organisation. In short, we haven’t forgotten our roots.

From retirement and tax planning to mortgages/bonds, pensions and investments, we have a range of specialists who can find the right solution for you. And of course, our advice extends to corporate and business as well as personal financial guidance.

The cost of excellence

If the service we deliver matches the claims we make for it, you might expect that it comes with a premium cost but that is not the case! We are acutely aware that you can choose to seek financial advice from any number of different sources and consequently we have set out to provide a premium service with real value for money. Such is the scale and influence of our organisation; we can often help you to access lower charging structures.

However, as you will appreciate, whilst cost is an important factor, it is the end result that matters and our objective is quite simply to exceed your expectations.

Excel Wealth Management is unique among financial advice businesses in that it is moving to align the incentives for advisers with your financial well being.

Their rewards are increasingly driven by:

  • the quality of advice given - we have a rigorous process in place to check that our high standards of advice are maintained by all our advisers.
  • the length of our relationship as your adviser, and
  • the growth of your investments

Since our advisers benefit from your financial success you can be assured that we are genuinely "on your side"

Put us to the test

It is impossible for you to tell from this website just how good we really are but we’d like you to find out.
So why not take the opportunity to put us through our paces and arrange to meet one of our experienced advisers in your own local area. If you are located near to one of our offices, we can meet you there or alternatively, we are happy to visit you at your office or home, whichever is most convenient.

At an initial meeting, our adviser will gather all the information necessary to prepare our recommendations, which will normally be presented to you at a subsequent meeting.

You are under no obligation and if you don’t think we’re the people for you, you can simply walk away. However, once you have put us to the test, we are confident that you will like our approach.

If you would like to arrange an initial meeting, or would like any further information about how we can help you to achieve financial peace of mind, please contact us to put us to the test.

We look forward to helping you.

The Service

Excel Wealth Management are not tied to any financial institution, which means we provide totally impartial, independent advice. We are free to select the best products and solutions appropriate for you from the whole market.

Our financial advisers are highly trained professional people. There are briefed on any technical or legislative changes and have access to continuously updated market knowledge and our dedicated specialist research team.

In order to deliver advice to you we will carry out a Personal Financial Review, which enables us to understand you and your finances and recommend appropriate solutions. Our goal is to give you understanding, security and peace of mind.

Our five step service process

Our service provides a rigorous five-step approach to financial planning. The initial meeting will be free of charge and there is no obligation on your part: 

Step 1 - Understanding You

A fact-find is completed to enable us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your circumstances, goals, financial objectives and attitude to risk. Your existing arrangements will be reviewed, without necessarily giving you advice to make any changes.

Step 2 - Needs Analysis

At this stage we will analyse your needs in depth, to ensure that we take into account of all aspects of your situation, including where it is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. We will also agree remuneration for our professional service with you, according to your choice.

Step 3 - Research

Advisers will evaluate products and services from major insurers, product providers, investment companies, lending institutions and banks. Through access to research facilities we aim to establish: - which companies charge the most competitive premiums - which companies provide the best benefits and value for money - the financial stability of the product provider - returns, charges, and service levels of the product provider - an understanding of any complicated policy terms or small print

Step 4 - Recommendation

We summarise our recommendations and research into a ‘suitability letter’. We then send this to you as a permanent summary of our advice for your records.

Step 5 - Solutions

After agreeing our recommendation with you, we will put your solution into action.


We are acutely aware that you can choose to seek financial advice from any number of different sources and consequently we have set out to provide a premium service with real value for money. Such is the scale and ‘buying power’ of our organisation; we can often help you to access lower charging structures, which others simply cannot match.

However, as you will appreciate, whilst cost is an important factor, it is the end result that matters and our objective is quite simply to exceed your expectations.
There are a number of ways you can pay for advice – commission, fees, or a combination of both.


Each time you purchase a policy or product through us, we receive a proportion of the premiums or contributions, known as commission, direct from the insurer or investment company or product provider as part of its overall charges. You will receive an explanation of costs and benefits, along with any relevant illustrations, which will show the amount of commission we will be paid. This is discussed with you before you apply for the product.


Instead of paying commission you may prefer to pay us a fee, normally based on an hourly rate. We will agree the cost of our fees with you prior to commencing work, so that you know up front exactly what you'll need to pay. In some situations, paying fees can help to improve the terms of the policies we recommend, or we may agree that a combination of fee and commission is the best option.

Lump Sum Investments

Whether you are investing with specific goals in mind, generally want to understand and grow your portfolio, or have a large sum such as an inheritance that you don’t know where to start with, Excel Wealth Management can help you.

We are not tied to any financial institution, which means we provide totally impartial independent advice. Research is vital in selecting the most suitable investments and so we have invested significantly in our research team. And it is this rigorous approach to research that sets us apart from the vast majority of other financial advice firms.

Our in-house team of specialist staff research the entire market place to identify only those products that meet our rigorous specifications. Thus enabling our advisers to tailor their advice to clients to best meet their individual circumstances, needs and aspirations – and offering what we believe to be the best products available – helping our clients to achieve financial peace of mind.

Inheritance Tax Planning

The budget report delivered a change in the treatment of the Nil Rate Band for married couples or civil partners. We can help you understand your current options as well as assessing how any existing arrangements have been affected.

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax payable on the worldwide assets of any SA domiciled individual on their death. There is currently a tax charge levied on the value of all estates above R3 500 000 for the 2008/09 tax year. With effective Inheritance Tax Planning you can reduce the amount of estate duty payable to the Revenue Services.

We want to help you keep as much of your estate as possible in the hands of your family rather than gifting it to the Revenue Services!

Retirement Planning and Advice

The decisions and choices you make at retirement, will affect the income you receive for the rest of your life.
It is essential, therefore to take into account your needs and objectives in retirement, including your views on the following issues:-

  • Whether you need all your tax-free lump sum immediately;
  • Whether you require flexibility over the income amounts you receive in the future;
  • Whether you wish to maintain control over the investment of your pension fund;
  • How much risk you are prepared to accept, in order to maximise income;
  • The level of protection and range of options that you wish to leave for your family in the event of your prior death; and
  • The level of charges you are prepared to accept.

Excel Wealth Management have qualified advisers who can provide expert, impartial guidance in this complex area of pension planning at retirement. We will sit down with you and guide you through the options to best meet your circumstances.


Excel Wealth Mangement is an Authorised Financial Service Provider